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 Welcome to Appel Sporthorses' website.  Appel Sporthorses is located in the beautiful Santa Ynez Valley at A & M Ranch.

 Appel Sporthorses is dedicated to providing its clients with quality Hunters, Jumpers and Dressage horses.  We believe that proper education of horse and rider is essential for the success of both.  We strive to follow the classical principles of dressage to create happy horses that can excel in every discipline.   To often good or even great horses are found to be unsuitable or unsound because of a lack of proper training. We believe that almost all horses can escape this fate when horse and rider are trained properly. 

Appel Sporthorses currently has horses for sale.  Appel Sporthorses offers general consulting for the horse enthusiast including training, representation of sales horses, independent horse brokering and horse appraisals.  If you have questions about horse properties, training techniques or any other issue, do not hesitate to contact us. 

Phone #:(805) 698-7851

email: molly@appelmorse.com

Atticus & Molly Appel Morse